Recoil GPS Laser Combat

  • $39.95
  • Save $15

  • Recoil is a videogame brought to life!
  • Equip your laser targeting weapon and turn any neighborhood into a virtual battlefield.
  • Call in airstrikes, collect supply drops and capture GPS-enabled control points.
  • 3D audio puts you in the middle of the fight.
  •  Blaster guns have real recoil action.
  • GPS enabled Game play with your Smartphone.
  • Smartphone Bluetooth Wi-Fi integrated Game Play.
  • Use Headphones to get the full Sound Effects of the Game Play.
  • Join up to 16 players in a 250 feet area with extra sets. 
  • Please note this is a 2 player starter set
  • GPS player tracking
  • Includes 2 x RK-45 Spitfire Tag Weapons and Wi-Fi Game Hub
  • Smartphone required and not included
  • This set requires 12x AA batteries , not included


Recommended for ages 12+ years