IQ Key Green 1100

  • $124.90

IQ Key is an educational construction system consisting of clear capsules which may be connected to form various toys that can be static or moving and, depending on the model, can be suitable for land or water!

IQ Key Green 1100 includes over 150 pieces of clear capsules, wheels, lights, wires and additional miscellaneous supporting pieces to form 40 different land mobiles. Features a solar panel capsule to operate with solar energy. An instruction guide is also included 

* Green 1100 is land based

* A scientific toy specifically designed to encourage children to see how things work

* Assembly manual and instruction guides to explain how different capsules work and to what purpose.

* Made from the same strong and stable polycarbonate as that used in an Astronaut's helmet.

* Promotes fine motor skills, concentration and visual processing.

* Used in schools to promote technical careers in engineering, robotics and mechatronics!

Recommended for 7 years +