IQ Key Perfct 600

IQ Key Perfct 600

  • $99.00

IQ KEY is an educational toy. Assemble the capsules and blocks of various functions by a patented combination method to create models.  Not only can you make your creations but you can see what's going on inside when they are running because the outer casing is clear.

IQ Key Perfect 600 contains 84 pieces and you can build at least 20 working models 

There are 84 durable components in the kit, including electric motor capsule, gear capsule, switch capsule, and others; there are also battery holders, wheels, propellers, impellers, lights, wires, and other miscellaneous supporting pieces.

Also included with this STEM robotics kit is a detailed instruction manual that will help you to complete all 20 projects.

Contains : 84 modular parts and an instruction book. Batteries not included

Parts include:

    * Propeller

  • Cogs
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Wires
  • Tyres
  • Levers
  • Tools
  • Much more!

Recommended for 7 years plus