Project Mc2 Adrienne's Volcano ( project mc2 adrienne's volcano )

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Smart is the new cool with Project Mc2! The team of four super smart, seriously cool girls combine their love of science and spy skills to take on different missions. Real girls with real skills who are ready to take on anything!

Each doll comes in her signature clothing - stylish and smart! Included with the doll is a project for you to complete, choose from Mckeyla with a lava lamp, Adrienne with a volcano, Bryden with a glow stick and Camryn with a skateboard.

With Adrienne Attoms, you can make the mini volcano erupt again and again. Add baking soda, food colouring, washing-up liquid and vinegar to watch it erupt with foam thanks to the chemical reaction releasing carbon dioxide gas! Try it with lemon juice instead of vinegar for a different effect!

Comes with articulated Adrienne doll, dressed in a totally cool outfit that reflects her personality and individual style

Accessories for the doll include: her glasses, lab beaker flask, comb and doll stand

Also includes a fun science activity: 3" volcano and pipette dropper to experiment again and again