Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Lightsaber ( star wars lightsaber , lighsabers , Lighsabers )

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Star Wars Rebels 3-in-1 Inquisitor Lightsaber

Villains in the Star Wars universe are fond of lightsabers like this one, a double-bladed model that measures an impressive 3' long. At its center is a Force Disc, which can be removed and flung at sentient marionettes clambering through the dark toward you. The Inquisitor can also break apart into two separate lightsabers, both of which extend crisply with the flick of a button.

Double-bladed lightsaber
Can break into two single lightsabers
Includes Force Disc for throwing
Blade extends with the flick of a button
Double-bladed lightsaber measures 3’ long when extended


*** please note this is not a electronic lightsaber ***